Site Updates

"Chicks just love a good accent
makes them all buttery in their nether regions"—Angelus

26/10/2003 Yahoo Group created for submitting fic, discussing Spike and Fred, and site announcements.

15/09/2003 Two new beta readers added. Love Like Knives by BuffyX added. Breathing for Two by OneTwoMany added.

14/08/2003 BuffyX's The Little Things added to the fanfic section.

09/07/2003 Buttery's first essay Likely Connections: On Writing Spike and Fred, by Jennifer-Oksana, added to the writing section. New Stories added. Links added

25/06/2003 Buttery updated! Fanfic added.

13/05/2003 Buttery launched, completely without content. Poor blank pages! They would like content. Wouldn't you like to give them content?

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