Fred and Spike resources

Likely Connections: On Writing Spike and Fred  by Jennifer-Oksana.

General Writing Resources

Dictionary.com's writing resources list.
A good stop for grammar and style resources.
The Armchair Grammarian
An eclectic collection of rules and tips.

Lists and Auto Archives

Fred Fan Fic
Fredcentric fanfiction group.
Fred Fiction
Gifted (Fred auto-archive
All About Spike (Spike auto-archive)
Buffy and Angel Fanfiction Archive (list)
Buffy and Angel Fanfiction Archive (main site)
General all-purpose Buffy and Angel Fanfiction Archive. Includes a handy autoarchive.
Multifandom list and archive.


Pylean Refugee
The BtVS Writers Guild Fred Zone.
Fists and Fangs
The BtVS Writers Guild Spike Zone.
The Council of Watchers
A good stop for canon/episode research.

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